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Ningbo Donghai Storage Battery Co., Ltd. was founded In 1968, formerly Known as Ningbo Donghai Storage Battery Factory.
It is a well-known medium-sized backbone enterprise of the former Ministry of mechanical and electrical design and production of all kinds of lead-acid batteries. It is a well-known medium-sized enterprise in China, Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City. It has the production license (production type) of five series of lead-acid batteries including (automobile) starting, CE certificate of anti electromagnetic radiation and the quality license of export mechanical and electrical products of the people's Republic of China It is a self operated export enterprise with certificate.


In 1990, the company was awarded the national second-class enterprise by the national enterprise steering committee, ranking the third and winning the first prize in the only national industry quality evaluation. In the same year, it was awarded the Ministry Excellent Product.


In 1992, it was identified as "Famous Trademark of Ningbo City"


In 2005, it won the title of "national authoritative testing quality stable qualified products".


In 2006, it was identified as "Ningbo Famous Trademark" and "Public Satisfaction ,Top Ten Famous Brands in China".


In 2007, the company was awarded as "AAA quality credit enterprise" and "Zhejiang Province excellent enterprise focusing on quality and creating famous brand credit".


In 2008, it was identified as "China Well-known Trademark".


In 2010, it was awarded "Zhejiang Famous Trademark", "China Battery Industry Association sixth council member unit", "Ningbo City credit management demonstration enterprise", "enterprise credit rating" and other honors. In the same year, it obtained the ISO: 2008 and ISO/ TS16949:2009 certificate issued by the United States Quality Certification (AQA) International Co., Ltd.


In 2013, it was identified as a "recommended product" by Ningbo Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Committee.


In 2014, it was identified as an "honest enterprise".


In 2018, it was identified as "Zhejiang AA Grade Contract and Credit" enterprise.


In 2019, the company was identified as "Advanced Collective" and "AAA Quality Credit Enterprise" by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.


In 2020, it is recognized as "Ningbo Credit Management Model Enterprise" and "Vice Chairman Unit" of the 9th Council of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association.